Important message, november 6th 2006:
I had to remove all photos from this page showing me younger than 18. I think this page looked somehow better before.

I was born on july 19, 1970 in the north western part of the czech republic, in a small town called Usti Nad Labem. Usti s not really a beautiful place. It is mainly dominated by industrial buildings and most of Usti's people make their low income in the chemical industry.

Don't know how much my father was involved in the architectural tristesse of Usti's ugly factory buildings, but as Building-engineer he somehow must have been responsible, sorry dad.

The strong physical appearance of my Mother gave me the impression that sooner or later I would have to deal with 2 big balls on my chest. Mother's breasts were so huge.

The tits came sooner than neccessary. As a young kid I was always playing with boys. I had more cars than dolls and my favourite playground was a big tank nearby our house. Things changed when my bodyshape became more and more female. Boys made jokes about my fast growing tits and on this schoolphoto you don't have to search long for 12 year old milena.


My tits influenced my sport activities. Being the fastest sprinter on 100m and 200m amoung the 12 year old girls, my body dimensions one year later would have qualified me more as a wrestler.


Bra sizes changed bimonthly. Even if you are building engineer , it doesn't mean that you are willing to buy new bras for your daugter every month. Unintentionally I attracted the boys this way,wearing too small bras all the time.


I soon became a big attraction for the boys in the neighbourhood. I remember being the first girl with a 'real' boyfriend. His name was Honsa, known amoung us girls as 'the wild one'. He was the first boy I knew who had a motorcycle, I think it was a Java Mustang, actually a quite ridiculous bike but cruising through the streets of Usti with Honsa was the coolest thing at that time and my plans for the future where clear: I will be a Biker Lady. Here is a passport photo from this time. The passionate spot on my neck is a souvenir from 'the wild one'.

I spare you details of my chemical science education and the work in my fathers company. I don't think it is important how you make your money, it is important that you are good in what you are doing. I love the 100% people. People who enjoy their life and live every minute with full consciousness. When someone asks me 'how it is possible that you have such big tits?', my answer is: I am a perfectionist!!

Well, as a perfectionist biker lady there is a point in your life where you have to get a Harley Davidson. Non-europeans should know that the czech republic and germany are neighbours but the standard of living in germany is much higher. It was in summer 1994 when I met a bunch of bikers from germany in a pub outside of prague. The atmoshpere and way of living impressed me totally and when they invited me to join their tour through west europe, a big gate into a new world was opened.

3 years later I settled over to germany and there I finally bought my first Harley. A FXR Low Rider. This machine should take me 1000s of miles through europe in the following years.


Well, I have to confess that I also like to ride another bike very much. It is a Intruder and when I don't do long tours it is fun to cruise with this hot thing.


There are a lot of stories to tell, but for a short personal introduction let me stop here. Just a few words about how I got into modeling. In october 2003 my friend Sam showed me the website of Nadine Jansen, and suggested I should try posing as model for this site. I thought he was kidding and just for fun I said:'Good idea, write an email and ask her if she wants me.' He did- she replied. A new adventure had begun. Here is a photo from my first photoshoot for,a related site of Nadine's because Nadine had no guestmodels at that time.

My first web apperance triggered an unbelievable flood of emails. It was just a matter of time when I would have to start my own website.